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RV Insurance

Itasca Meridian exteriorItasca Meridian interiorLike every vehicle on the road, your RV must be insured. Certainly you can contact your automobile insurance company, but don’t assume they are the best choice. When you call for a quote, make sure they are familiar with motorhomes or towable RV’s, and have a specialized RV policy to offer. If you find that they seem unfamiliar or uncomfortable with RV’s – which is a common problem with conventional auto insurance companies – then rest assured that you have some better choices.

It pays to shop around, not only for price, but for coverage. An RV requires a specialized insurance policy that is essentially a combination of auto and homeowner’s insurance – after all, an RV is a home on wheels. For example, here are several features offered by specialized RV insurance companies:

There are several excellent companies that offer specialized RV insurance, along with some significant RV-specific add-ons or benefits. Here are just a few of the better RV insurance companies: